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Creating New Ways of Delivering Airline Technology

Migrating, adapting and maintaining software in today’s airline environment can not only be painful, it can detract focus from the primary mission of running the operation. ProVerne aims to fix this by adopting our proven methodology:

  • Keep solutions flexible enough to adapt to client needs without cumbersome workarounds or manual process;
  • Help customers easily migrate to (and, if necessary, from) our solutions;
  • Airlines should be able to easily access and leverage their data; and
  • Solutions should be intuitive and dramatically reduce the need for training

From sales to deployment to the ongoing business relationship, we want you to enjoy every aspect of working with a technology partner that is truly committed to your success.

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Scheduled airlines

Whether you’re a regional operation with a point-to-point network or a large carrier managing a broad network of hubs and bases, maintaining the integrity of the schedule is everything. Explore how our tools can help you deliver with precision and consistency.

Business Aviation

One of the fastest growing sectors of the aviation industry, Business Aviation operations need to continually find new ways to optimize resources and utilization. Learn how we can improve crew productivity, aircraft utilization and overall cost-reduction.

Cargo operators

Our touch of a button world of online ordering has placed Cargo operations front and center in aviation sector growth. Whether you’re a dedicated operator or a passenger operation looking to optimize space (and revenue), it’s time to up your technology game.

Crew Quality Of Life

Improving quality of life and crew-management relationships are demonstrated strategies to improve bottom-line airline performance. Learn more about how our tools can upgrade your communications, create transparency and help with recruiting and retaining your critical crew resources.


Crew Management System

ProVerne's Crew Management solutions allow you to manage Crews with optimized schedule planning, highly configurable legality tracking, day-of-ops disruptions management, mobility solutions to keep crews connected, and training and quals management all supported by clean interfaces and KPI dashboards that reflect our unique "manage by exception" approach.

Flight Ops System

ProVerne's cutting-edge solutions for flight ops provide you advanced optimizers for commercial planning, integrated messaging with Crew and Cargo and our "manage by exception" philosophy deployed in all products to help keep your teams focused on the operation.

Cargo Management System

ProVerne's Cargo Management solutions gives you complete control of cargo handling, revenue management and a best-in-class analytics platform that seamlessly integrate with flight operations. SaaS-based and designed with ProVerne’s intuitive interfaces that ease migration and reduce training ensures that onboarding has never been easier.


A connected crew is essential for success and Ascension TEAM is a powerful platform for all crew interactions. Web and app interfaces of TEAM work together and can be customized to all crew communications including schedule views, bid submissions, quals tracking and more. Marrying the concepts of work-life balance, logistical communications and passenger engagement, Ascension TEAM acts as a single touchpoint for all crew activities.

Passenger Experience

Great marketing can get a passenger on-board, but a great experience can create a customer for life. ProVerne has its roots in creating world-class In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) solutions and now has taken the next big step forward with Connected Cabin. Connected Cabin integrates IFE with PSS, Loyalty and Crew mobility to enable airlines to deliver an immersive, differentiating experience that personalizes passenger needs, creates value-driven revenue opportunity and gives you powerful data collection and analytic tools to continually refine your offering.

Smart Dashboards

Accessing and analyzing your data shouldn’t be costly or painful, yet too many airlines struggle with bloated BI initiatives that provide little ROI. ProVerne’s Smart Dashboards is a powerful, completely customizable reporting and analytics tool that puts the power directly in the hands of the business user. With ProVerne taking on the lift of migration and integration you can be up in no with minimal IT support and training, and our platform is designed to grow with you in supporting your airline's success.

Clients And Partners

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